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Under the guidance of H.E. the President Maithripala Sirisena as Minister of Defence 683 acres of land for resettlement has been released by the Ministry of Defence and Sri Lanka Army with District Secretary, Jaffna to the owners of the land who are living with friends and relatives and in welfare camps.

This will enable to resettle 964 families of which 316 families are living in welfare camps.  The Secretary, Ministry of National Integration and Reconciliation, Mr. V. Sivagnanasothy with the team of officials and District Secretary Jaffna Mr.N.Vethanayahan with District Secretariat Officials visited the land released area in Tellipalai Divisional Secretariat Division which includes Myliddy North, Thiyiddy East and Thenmailai Grama Niladhari Divisions.

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The immediate requirements were discussed and it was noted that Land preparation for resettlement, Water supply and sanitation, Renovation of internal roads, Community Infrastructure, Livelihood Assistance and Repairing of Houses were the immediate priorities. The pictures below gives a snapshot of the status.

The Secretary, Ministry of National Integration and Reconciliation informed that the release of Lands is a major milestone in the National Reconciliation Process. 

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