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The Ministry of National Integration and Reconciliation is mandated with the responsibility of promoting peace, unity and harmony among the communities in the country which is fundamental for sustainable development. Considering the national importance of integration, this Ministry comes under the direct purview of His Excellency President Maithripala Sirisena and His Excellency is the Minister in charge of the Ministry. Based on a Cabinet directive, the Cabinet has declared "The National Integration Week" every year from 8th to 14th January. The Main aim of this initiative is to promote among communities of different ethnic, religious, cultural and regional diversities about unity, peace, dignity, respect diversity, equity, inclusiveness, fairness, tolerance, empathy, friendship, kindness, compassion, justice and human rights. This is a "nation building" effort that lays foundation for united, strong, reconciled and prosperous nation which recognizes “Unity in Diversity” said Mr.V.Sivagnanasothy, Secretary, Ministry of National Integration and Reconciliation.


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In the national integration and reconciliation week, it is proposed to conduct the following programmes island-wide.

a. Promote national integration among school children

The programme includes speech by students on national integration in the school assembly in all schools and in the classrooms during the national week expressing the importance of national integration and pledging the national declaration.

b. Pledge of declaration

All Government Ministries and Institutions to pledge the declaration and work on national integration and reconciliation and create awareness among all Government officials to work as change agents.

c. District Reconciliation Committee (DRC) Dialogue Forum

DRCs have been established to address religious and ethnic tensions and promote national integration and reconciliation. The committee members to meet and workout the modality of operation at the BMICH during the National Integration and Reconciliation Week.

d. Call for articles for awards on national integration and reconciliation

Encourage Peace Journalism and reconciliation friendly media article among public including adults, elders, professionals and youth.

The Ministry of National Integration and Reconciliation encourages and promotes all school children and Government Officials, private sector, religious dignitaries, donor communities, and non-governmental organisations to pledge the declaration to support unity, harmony, and sustainable peace.

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