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The MBA students of University of Virginia visited Sri Lanka and discussed with the Ministry of National Integration and Reconciliation on 11th January 2018 to study the reconciliation projects and programmes initiated by the government of Sri Lanka. About 20 MBA students headed by Professor Marc Modica participated in the knowledge sharing programme at the Ministry of National Integration and Reconciliation. The participants studied the innovative interventions such as integration friendly school programme, peace journalism and integration friendly media programme, District Reconciliation Committee with inter-religious leaders to address ethnic and religious tensions, National Integration Week, reconciliation declaration, 7 core virtues on reconciliation and reconciliation focused economic empowerment programme initiated by the Government of Sri Lanka.

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 The knowledge sharing session also addressed the challenges in reconciliation. The participants were interested on interventions that addressed regional disparities. The briefing was also centered on the importance of results based management and development evaluations as part of the learning exercise.

The Ministry officials participated included Mr.V.Sivagnanasothy, Secretary and Mr.Somasiri Ekanayake, Deputy Director and Mrs. Vaidehi Anushyanthan, Assistant Director, Ministry of National Integration and Reconciliation.

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