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The Ministry of National Integration and Reconciliation declared the week from 8th to 14th January as a national integration week and this was declared and approved by the Cabinet of Ministers and the dates are aligned to the date of assumption of office by the His Excellency the President Maithripala Sirisena. The main aim of the national integration week is to promote unity, peace, brotherhood and harmony among different ethnic, religious, cultural and regional communities while respecting and recognizing the richness of the diversity. The concept is based on “unity in diversity”.

Under the national integration week many reconciliation and integration programmes were conducted island-wide among school children, Youth, University students, media personnel, Government of officials, inert-religious leaders, foreign missions and Private sector/ Chamber of Commerce.

During the national integration week the following special activities were undertaken:

  • Declaration on National Integration and Reconciliation

National integration and reconciliation Declaration was developed in close consultation with all stakeholders and the declaration was institutionalized in schools, Sunday religious schools and among government officials in Department and Ministries and Private sector/ Chamber of Commerce.

  • Promote national integration and reconciliation among school children :

The programme includes speech by students of different ethnicities/ religions on national integration and reconciliation and emphasize its importance in school assemblies and classrooms and read the declaration in a collective manner to inculcate unity in diversity.

  • Awareness Creation and Sensitization :

Awareness creation and sensitization programmes on reconciliation were carried out in all three languages through print, electronic and social media among school children, Sunday religious school teachers, government officials in Departments and Ministries, Private sector and general public.

  • Release of Lands:

Released Urani Coastal Area Land in Jaffna under the custody of Navy for fishing activities to mark the reconciliation week.

  • Commemoration stamp 

A commemoration stamp was released to mark the integration week by His Excellency the President.

  • Booklet on Declaration on National Integration and Reconciliation

Leaders pledged with commitment to national integration and reconciliation and booklet on declaration in all three languages was issued.

  • Declaration of National Integration and Reconciliation Week

Symbolizes and marks the importance of integration by the Government and serves to mobilize support from all stakeholders.

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