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Under the transitional justice initiatives truth seeking, healing, reparation and non-recurrence have been identified as major components. The conflict has affected many people and resulted in trauma and other socio – physiological effects. It is important to ensure that the tragedies of the past does not ever recur again despite winning the war. We have yet to win the peace and in order to do so it is essential that we win the hearts of the people in the war affected areas.

In this regard, the Ministry of National Integration and Reconciliation has initiated many programmes to support healing, reparation and non-recurrence.

Schools – Geographically disadvantaged schools and schools in re-settled areas.

  1. Supported to construct 2 storied building in Karanavai Vetharanium Vidyalayam, Karaveddi DS Division.
  2. Support to construct school building in Kommanthurai Maha Vidyalayam in Batticaloa (Due to conflict situation the school was relocated and now the State Authorities released the school)
  3. Valachchenai Hindu College, Batticaloa – Supported to purchase laboratory equipment.
  4. Thiresa Ladies college, Kilinochchi – Supported to establish computer lab
  5. Ootrupulam GTMS - Supported to establish computer lab
  6. Ponuchchimunai Iqrah Vidyalayam in Batticaloa – construction of school building(These schools are in resettled areas and most of them are in the geographically disadvantaged areas.
  1. Provided support to renovate Vaddu Hindu College in Chankanai
  2. Provided 85 bicycles to school children in Poonakari Divisional Secretariat Division (geographically most disadvantaged areas) and facilitated to arrange school bus services to those areas.

Hospitals – Geographically disadvantaged hospitals that urgently requires re-activation

  1. Renovation of Dialysis Unit and provision of two Dialysis plants – Cheddikulam Base Hospital – Vavuniya – Unit has been renovated and Plants have been installed
  2. Upgrading the special baby care unit at Base hospital, Tellipalai with the facilities of 2 incubators, two infant suction apparatus, four infusion pumps and 2 syringes
  3. Supported to construct Cancer Home, Tellipalai
  4. ICU Equipment for Kilinochchi Hospitals
  5. Urgent necessary equipment for Maternity Unit, Tellipalai Hospital

Anchorages and Landing sites

  1. Development of Urani Anchorage for fishing purposes to provide livelihood support for 250 resettled fishing families
  1. Supported to develop Polikandy Anchorage at Valveddithurai, landing sites at Arali, landing sites at Urani, anchorage point at Palali North have been support for livelihood activities for the resettled fishermen

Others (Artificial limbs production)

  1. Establishment of a centre for Prosthetics and Research Unit at Faculty of Engineering, Kilinochchi.
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