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The LLRC recommendations were to investigate that disappearances and abductions of persons and ensure accountability and responsibility on missing persons. The responsibility of the Presidential Commission headed by Mr. Maxwell Paranagama was to investigate into the cases of Missing Persons in Sri Lanka and ascertain the facts and whereabouts of the missing persons. The Presidential Commission has received 23,586 complaints inclusive of approximately 5,000 complaints from families of security forces personals.

The Presidential Commission was disbanded and Office on Missing Persons (OMP) was established to look into the fate of the missing family members.

The objective of the OMP is to ensure necessary measures are taken

  • to provide appropriate mechanisms for searching and tracing if Missing persons and to clarify the circumstances in which such persons went missing and their fate;
  • to make recommendations to the relevant authorities towards reducing the incidents of ‘Missing Persons’.
  • to protect the rights and interests of missing persons and their relatives as provided for in this Act;
  • to identify proper avenues of redress to which such missing persons or their relatives may have recourse;

The Office on Missing Persons (OMP) has been Gazetted by His Excellency the President as the Minister of National Integration and Reconciliation and the Constitutional Council has advertised in the newspapers to recruit Seven Commissioners with suitable and appropriate qualifications. OMP will be established with required technical capacity and know-how to conduct excavations or exhumations where necessary. According to Office on Missing Persons Act, Clause 12 Powers of Investigation Sub-clause (d) it states that ‘appropriate Magistrate’s Court having territorial jurisdiction, for an order of Court to carry out an excavation and/or exhumation of suspected grave sites, and to act as an observer at such excavation or exhumation, and at other proceeding, pursuant to the same’

The Ministry is in the process of collecting District wise information of missing persons to facilitate the OMP.


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