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Duties and functions of the Ministry (According to the Gazette No: 1945/41 and Date 18th of December 2015)

      1. Promotion of National Integration and Reconciliation and Durable peace in the Country
      2. Formulation of a Nation Policy for National Integration and Reconciliation
      3. Formulation of Programmes and Projects for the Promotion of Reconciliation and for Creating National Unity by building an inclusive society
      4. Monitoring and Evaluation of relevant programmes and projects being implemented at field level
      5. Identification of constrains to National Integration and Taking Corrective Action based on discussion and consensus with the relevant stakeholders
      6. Collaboration with Ministries, Departments and Institutions dealing with matters relating to reconciliation, and peace building resolution of inter-ministerial and departmental issues, if any
      7. Review various strategies that are being implemented, and are due to be implemented with regard to National Integration and Reconciliation, and Intervene in Settlement of Issues
      8. Intervene, where necessary, in matters relating to implementation of recommendations of the Commission of Inquiry on Lessons Learnt and Reconciliation
      9. Advise Government Authorities

                                (a) On required policies and actions for reconciliation and building a lasting peace
                                (b) On issues that may emerge in the process of peace building and reconciliation
                                (c) Propose appropriate solutions to such issues

      1. Seek funding for Implementation of above programmes and projects
      2. All other subjects that come under the purview of organization listed in Column II
      3. Supervision of the Organization listed in Column II.

Departments, Statutory Institutions and Public Corporations under the Ministry of National Integration and Reconciliation

      • Office for National Unity and Reconciliation (ONUR) (Entrusted with Implementing the Mandate of the Ministry)
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